A Dragon for Sale

My new book is out!

🔥 GENRES: M/M romance, thriller, action, paranormal, military.
🔥 TROPES: Friends to lovers, hurt/comfort, second chance, pining.
🔥 BONUS: a Welsh army dragon, both dangerous and cute!

Spies, assassins, traitors…
Dylan Ogmore didn’t sign up to deal with any of it. His service at the Welsh Dragon Guards had been pretty uneventful, until the royal PR team decided it was a good idea for him and his dragon to take part in the coronation of the new king at Caernarfon.
Dylan suspects the plan might be not that brilliant. Especially because he knows who suggested it—Andras, his former army mate who’s been more than just a friend for him once, but has chosen to leave the military … and him.
Yet Dylan can’t even imagine what mess he’s getting into. An assassination attempt at the ceremony leaves his dragon in a precarious situation and forces Dylan to go against the law. Is there a chance for him to get out of trouble unscathed? Who can he rely on—and who is his true enemy?

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08NV8QVCM/
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08NV8QVCM/
Evernight Publishing (on sale for a week here!): https://www.evernightpublishing.com/a-dragon-for-sale-by-katerina-ross/
Other stores: https://books2read.com/adragonforsale

The Witcher fanfic # 2

And one more Witcher fanfic! Geralt/Jaskier, with lots of angst and hurt/comfort.

A Song of Silk and Steel

Jaskier is attracted to women. Usually. Mostly. With a few exceptions. Well, maybe more than just a few, but that’s not the point. The point is, Geralt could be one of these exceptions if he ever were in the mood, but it’s unlikely, isn’t it?

My rec lists (Sherlock BBC)

Dom/sub Fics

BDSM rec list # 2

The Dark List (Mostly Sherlock/John and mostly NC-17, with lots of angst, hurt/comfort, dub-con - and other delicious things)

Re-readable Sherlockian Fics
These are some of my favourite Sherlock BBC fics. I’ve not only enjoyed reading them—I re-read them now and then. The list will be growing. There’s angst and hurt/comfort and humour… And smut of course.

Vid recs (Humour, Action, Romance, Angst, etc)

Wicked Solace is out—and it's a free read!

It's been a while since I posted something here, but now I'm back with a freebie :)

Warnings (or an incentive to read): M/M, BDSM, public humiliation and punishment role play

Wicked Solace is a companion short story to Tenderly Wicked, a novel about Max, an American expat in Moscow and newbie Dom, and his Russian sub, Vadim (but it can be read as a standalone). Vadim has a problem with saying no—to his boss, his colleagues, and basically anyone, which often brings him trouble. Max decides to play a game of what ifs and tells Vadim an unusual and somewhat wicked bedtime story, inventing an alternate universe where Vadim is a slave and his boss’s displeasure bodes more than just a reprimand. Would things be easier for Vadim if he really couldn’t do anything but obey?

FREE on the publisher’s website, Smashwords and Barnes&Noble:

$0.99 on Amazon because Amazon is weird!

If Max and Vadim catch your attention (and if you haven't read Tenderly Wicked yet), you can find their full story here:

The Sons of Gomorrah

Angel's Eye (The Sons of Gomorrah 3) is out - and on sale at Evernight Publishing!

And the whole trilogy is on Amazon, too.

For Tristan Todorov, formerly a freelance magician and now a consultant on occult matters, living with an incubus turns out to be rather challenging. Not only because there’s little information on incubi, Gomorrah pleasure demons. Jarek, the one he has a contract with, has a fiery personality and a dark past, and sometimes he’s a mystery Tristan can’t decipher.

When Tristan ends up in possession of an illegal artifact with peculiar powers, he hopes it might help him and Jarek to finally understand each other. Will it be a blessing indeed—or a curse that might put them both in danger?